Dog & Puppy Training for New York City & West Los Angeles Dog Guardians

Puppy giving you trouble? No problem!

We help New York City & Los Angeles puppy guardians raise their pups to become well-adjusted, urban dogs.

Are you struggling with…

Potty Training?

Sick of all the clean-up and wee-wee pads? We’ll set you up with a rock-solid plan to turn your puppy into a potty training superstar.


Puppyhood is the single MOST important developmental period in your dog’s life. We’ll make sure this most important period doesn’t go to waste.

Chewing & Mouthing?

Belongings (and fingers!) feeling a little mistreated? We’ll teach you how to give your puppy appropriate outlets so you can keep your belongings and limbs intact.

Basic Manners?

Puppies unfortunately aren’t born with the skills necessary to integrate into a human household. We’ll teach your puppy necessary skills to thrive in your human world so that you can have a long, harmonious life together.

Regardless of your situation, we’ll give you vital skills and knowledge to ensure you’re making the best out of your dog’s most vital stage of life.

How Training Works

The Initial Consult

The first step in getting started is scheduling an initial consultation where your certified trainer will witness your puppy in action and collect information necessary to address your unique situation.

Getting to Work

After the initial consultation, puppy guardians are able to choose training options based on what will be best suited for their puppy, their particular lifestyle, and their goals.

Support at Every Stage

Our clients’ success is our number one priority, even after training has ended. We’ll make sure you and your puppy are armed with the support necessary to raise a confident and well-mannered urban dog.

Training Options

Private Lessons

Ideal for puppy guardians who have the time and want to put in the work, private lessons give you the skills necessary to raise a well-rounded adult dog.

Boot Camp

Ideal for clients who know how important training is, but just don’t have the time. We’ll put in all of the heavy lifting with regularly scheduled, one-on-one training sessions with your puppy.

Virtual Training

Fun, informative, and thorough puppy training without having to travel or tidy up the house. We’ll meet with you virtually to address all of your four-legged frustrations.

Standard Rates
Initial Consulation (required) $300
Single Session $250
5-Session Package $1000
10-Session Package $1750
20-Session Package $3000

Our Commitment to Puppy Guardians

Judgment-free, professional support at every step.

At No Problem! Dog Training, we believe in providing top-quality support at every step of our client’s journey. We understand every family and every dog is unique and strive to give our clients the most up-to-date and humane training methods available while catering to and providing support for each unique situation.

Ready to invest in your puppy’s future?